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Year 5 Classes

Year 5 Teaching Staff

Year 5 comprises St Cecilia - Mrs Dorman, St Mary - Mrs Luker and Mrs Ruddy. TA - Mrs Baker


Welcome to Year 5! We have an exciting Autumn term planned with lots of new things to learn.


We will be starting with ‘The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore’, working towards the children writing their own short story in a few week.

Guided Reading

St Mary will begin to look at the frightening world of ‘The Halloweeds’, and St Cecilia will be finding out what it’s like for a 4 inch tall girl in the giant world of ‘Liliput’. 


Children will build upon their knowledge of Place Value, and will continue to apply what they know to increasingly large numbers up to 1,000,000. Following Place Value, we will move onto Addition and Subtraction.


We will be studying Christianity, and trying to answer the question ‘What does it mean if God is loving and Holy?’

History and Geography

Children will learn what life was like in Ancient Greece during History lessons, and will learn grid references and map skills in Geography, including online mapping software called ‘Digimap’.


Science will introduce Living Things and their Habitats, which children will build on in later Science topics throughout the year.


Year 5 will explore Painting and Drawing techniques in Art, using a range of media including charcoal, and studying small sections of artwork and learning how to enlarge them, keeping them in proportion.


They will begin with Internet Safety, followed by learning how computer systems and networks work.


The music topic will begin looking at music technology, followed by children learning to play, improvise and perform small sections of music on a glockenspiel.


We will be learning about different pets in French, followed by Dates and times.


Our PSHE scheme starts with a topic on ‘Being Me in My World’, which will be taught through some individual and some group tasks.


Children will be learning and creating their own dances in PE, learning how to make ‘shapes’ and to move between them to form a routine.


Reading at Home:

All children are expected to read regularly every week to an adult and have it signed in their planner by an adult at home. Every five reads earns a merit. When they have read 25 times, they will receive a golden ticket  which will be placed in a prize draw at the end of each half term.

Home/School Planner:

Could you please ensure that your child brings their home/school planner in to school every day. Please feel free to write any comments in it.

Every Friday your child will bring their planner home which will have been signed by their teacher. This should be countersigned by the parent/carer and returned to school again on Monday morning. Children will receive a merit for planners that have been signed when returned on Monday.

Our Classroom Rules:

  • Be respectful.
  • Maintain a clean learning environment.
  • Follow any teachers’ directions the first time.
  • Take responsibility for yourself.

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