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Year 6 Classes

Year 6 Teaching Staff

Year 6 comprises St David - Mrs Ruddy and St Patrick - Miss Innes


Throughout the Autumn term, Year 6 Maths lessons will be focussing on place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and fractions. In English, Year 6 will be learning how to write a Tale of Fear, focusing on creating suspense and atmosphere, using the weather as a driver for this.  For our non-fiction topic, they will learn how to write a discussion text, using contrasting conjunctions to help.

In our topic work, Year 6 will learn about the Victorian period and the amazing inventions during this period such as the telephone, lightbulbs and the steam engine. Linked to this, in DT, they will be studying mechanical systems and how they use gears, pulleys and cams.

In Science this term, the children will be learning about light and the Scientist Thomas Edison.

In Religious Education, Year 6 will be studying the question ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ and looking at the work that chaplains and charities do. Our PSHE sessions will focus on Celebrating Differences creating lots of opportunities for discussion.

In our ICT lessons, the children will be exploring 3D modelling.

Our music lessons will be taught by a music specialist; the children will learn how to play the glockenspiel and ukulele and during our modern foreign language lessons, the children will be learning French, in particular all about school and verbs and grammar.


All children are expected to read regularly every week to an adult; each time they read, they will receive raffle tickets.  When they have read 5 times, they will receive raffle tickets and a merit, which will count towards their house.  Other prizes for reading will be given in class throughout the year.

Home/School Planner:

Could you please ensure that your child brings their home/school planner in to school every day. Please feel free to write any comments in it.

Every Friday your child will bring their planner home which will have been signed by their teacher. This should be countersigned by the parent/carer and returned to school again on Monday morning. Children will receive a merit for planners that have been signed when returned on Monday.

Our Classroom Rules:

  • Be respectful.
  • Maintain a clean learning environment.
  • Follow any teachers’ directions the first time.
  • Take responsibility for yourself.

Year 6 Curriculum

Year 6 Home Learning