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Year 4/5 – St. Andrew – Mrs Taylor

During the second Autumn term, St Andrew will be reading a story of betrayal, called Fox.   The children will learn and improve skills in describing a setting, using drama conventions to explore emotions, and writing from a different character’s perspective.

In maths, in Year 5, the children will continue to consolidate skills in relation to addition and subtraction and move on to statistics, multiplication and division and measures.  In Year 4, the children will consolidate skills in addition and subtraction, investigate length and perimeter and then multiplication and division.

We will continue to explore Earth and Space as our topic, including an exciting trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester.  We also hope to host a stargazing evening at school – watch this space! 

The children will celebrate differences in PSHE this term and in RE they will study how and why do people show their commitments during the journey of life.  Music will cover a unit called STOP! which relates to bullying.  The children have really enjoyed music so far this year.  In PE, we will study the Real PE social cog and the children will improve their dynamic balance, focussing on jumping and landing.  They will also focus on their personal best challenges, co-operating well with others and giving helpful feedback and guide each other.

In ICT, the children will link the weather on Earth to our Space topic, learning how to use weather instruments and how to present information.

Here’s to another exciting term of learning

Mrs Taylor


All children are expected to read regularly every week to an adult; each time they read, they will receive raffle tickets.  When they have read 5 times, they will receive raffle tickets and a merit, which will count towards their house.  Other prizes for reading will be given in class throughout the year.

Home/School Planner:

Could you please ensure that your child brings their home/school planner in to school every day. Please feel free to write any comments in it.

Every Friday your child will bring their planner home which will have been signed by their teacher. This should be countersigned by the parent/carer and returned to school again on Monday morning. Children will receive a merit for planners that have been signed when returned on Monday.

Class Expectations:

  • We will respect each other and their property.
  • Have a positive attitude to learning.
  • Always try our best.
  • Listen to all staff and children.