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One of our main whole school priorities this year is to encourage children to read for pleasure. We will be putting many initiatives into school to really instil a love of reading.

A key change will be to our reading scheme. From today, if a child is on stage 9 and upwards, they will no longer need to choose a book from their stage, they become a ‘free reader’. This will allow the children to choose from a wide range of books, including non-fiction, and remove the ceiling of learning for the children. We have decided to keep the stages 1-9 to support and teach the children the technical skills of reading including phonics, decoding and inference.

We have spoken to the children about how they choose a book (front cover, blurb, recommendations from friends, reading the first few pages.) We have also discussed what to do if the book is too tricky. When we spoke to the children this morning, they were delighted and we had cheers and so much enthusiasm. We are sure that this will continue.

We will be buying many new books, annuals, magazine and much more to supplement our new libraries. If you have any books you are able to donate to the school, we would really appreciate it. Thank you.

If you have any questions about this new way of organising the reading, please contact your child’s class teacher or Mrs Ruddy or myself.

Happy reading!!!

Mrs Ruddy and Mrs Folkard

Other events/initiative to look out for:

  • Parent/Carer workshops
  • Author visits to school
  • Read with your child sessions
  • Competitions and quizzes


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