Head Boy

Jamie Andrews – Head Boy and Speaker of Parliament

I help out  in making all the decisions in school and I will help to debate if some of the options for our school are a good or bad choice.

I am a person who will speak out in front of my peers, work alongside people and help out no matter what.



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Lily Chapman – Head Girl and Speaker of Parliament

‘The Speaker of the House of Commons chairs debates in the Commons Chamber and the holder of this office is an MP who has been elected by other MPs’.

In St Peter’s School Parliament, our speakers (Head Boy and Head Girl) make the decisions and lead the Parliament to make our school a better place.

My role is to help and support everyone within the school. I am also head of debating, ensuring arguments are fair and productive.


Hannah Perton

Hannah PertonHome Secretary

The Home Secretary is responsible for the internal affairs of England and Wales, and for immigration and citizenship for the United Kingdom. … The current Home Secretary is Amber Rudd, appointed formally by Queen Elizabeth II on the advice of Prime Minister Theresa May on 13 July 2016.

In St Peter’s the Home Secretary is the voice for things happening in school, meaning I will have the right to agree and disagree with the things the school decides and I will also be reporting anything that is needed to you.



William Kilsby

William Kilsby – Foreign Secretary

The Secretary of State’s remit includes: relations with pertaining to the Commonwealth of Nations and the Overseas Territories in addition to the promotion of British interests abroad. The Foreign Secretary also has ministerial oversight for the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is the Minister in charge of the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office. In many countries this job is called Foreign Minister. The Foreign Secretary is one of the four Great Offices of State. As of 2016 the job is held by Boris Johnson.

My role is to make sure that we are interacting with not only our community, but also our global one.



Keira Mortimer – Clerk of Parliament

The Clerk of Parliament is the chief clerk of the House of Lords in the Parliament of the United Kingdom. The position has existed since at least 1315, and duties include preparing the minutes of Lords proceedings, advising on proper parliamentary procedure and pronouncing the Royal Assent.

At St Peters CE Academy, as Clerk of Parliament, I will write down important actions from our meetings. Once I have written the key information down, we will discuss with the other members on how to make the school a better place.



Estelle CookSecretary of Values

It is important to all Members of Parliament that our School Values are at the heart of everything we do. I might be in charge of a “Random Act of Kindness Day” or helping teachers to think of new ways to celebrate our achievements. 




Izzi Rattray-BoyleSecretary of Learning

England’s Education Secretary is responsible for everything relating to education in schools, colleges and universities. 

My job is to speak to teachers about our lessons and the topics we will be doing.




Lila McCormick – Secretary of Sport 

I will have the responsibility to make sure that as a school we have opportunities for everyone to take part in a sport they enjoy.

This could be new after school clubs, or by changing Sports Day. I’m interested in everyone’s ideas!




Tyler Fearns – Secretary of Finance

My job is to keep a watch on all the money the school has raised and will raise in the future.
I help out at school in every way I can. 
I am in charge of collecting good ideas about ways we can help charities.



Amelie StandishSecretary of Health

The Health Secretary has the responsibilities of:
• finance control
• NHS delivery and performance
• mental health
• championing patient safety

My job in our Parliament is to keep our school a healthy school. This may be by inspecting school dinners or even opening a tuck shop!


Roles of School Parliament Members:


SPEAKERS – Head Boy and Girl

To keep everyone in order and to manage the meetings



In charge of the money and money raising ideas.  To keep a record of money.


HOME SECRETARY (Minister of the school environment) – Hannah Perton

Voice for things happening in the school.



Voice for things happening outside of Raunds.



Liaising with teachers on the syllabus, trips planned.  Reporting back to the school.  Attending occasional governors meetings.



Wellbeing, healthy eating, tuck shop.



New ideas for school sport within school.  Helping out at sports day.  Investigating other external sport opportunities.  Liaising with Mr Innes.



Recording the minutes. Reporting and supervising blogging, newsletter articles and outside media.  Letters sent to outside people i.e. the Mayor to thank him for coming in the other day.



Liaising with the Values Ambassadors, Inspecting pupils at break time, etc. that they are adhering to the school values.


What is the role of the School Parliament member?

Not only to meet and discuss how to make the school a better place but:-

  • to learn about democracy;
  • to learn about how the local and UK Parliament run;
  • to run a project which supports the community;
  • to enter the annual Speaker’s School Council Awards;
  • raise money for charities;
  • to learn how to debate;
  • attend an after school club once per week. (Thursday’s).

What makes a good School Parliament member:

  • Able to speak out.
  • Someone who will take it seriously.
  • Someone who can put across ideas.
  • Someone caring.
  • Someone others can trust and be a good role model.
  • Someone very reliable.
  • Someone who’s enthusiastic.
  • Someone who has an interest in helping others.


  • The Head Boy and Head Girl will lead the Parliament.
  • Each candidate must:
    • Prepare an election campaign
      • Design a poster to put up in your own classroom on demonstrating why you would be a good Parliament Member
      • Think of something you think may make a difference to the school and support that with ideas in your campaign.
      • Create a strap line for your campaign.
      • Present a brief presentation to your class  on the 2 themes above
      • Your teacher will prepare a question and answer session.
    • Each form to hold a ballot and vote for your Parliament member.
    • Elected members will be announced in Assembly.


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