The School Parliament Members presented an Assembly on the Parents and Children’s Questionnaires after they had assessed the results.  They had 98 responses and below are some of the comments made in Assembly by the School Parliament to make St Peter’s CE Academy and the local community a better place.

Would you like more Sports Facilities read by Lila:

“Yes, the most popular request was balls.  We had a variety of other answers including trampolines, rugby tackle bags, swimming pools and tennis courts!  (we should be so lucky!).  So we have decided to fundraise for more balls for the playground.  The two most popular suggestions are bouncy balls and basket balls”.

What competitions would you like in school that aren’t sport related? Read by Hannah:

“The results showed that Arts was the most popular answer.  Maths and reading were also popular competition ideas.  Further down the list was a dance competition.  An unusual answer was to have a hair and nail competition which 3 people would like.

We will be speaking to the House Captains and will ask them to arrange an Arts or Maths competition in the New Year.”

Would you be happy if Parliament were in charge for a day after SATS? – read by Jamie:

“Over half of the school filled in the questionnaire and of those there was a massive amount of voters that said they would like School Parliament to the run the school for a day.  Some of the ideas School Parliament are thinking about doing is no writing for the day, or outdoor lessons and a games day.  Watch this space…..!”

What can we do to improve our school environment?Read by Amelie:

“There were 76 answers for this question.  My favourite answer was to do a school litter pick because it will make our playground tidier.  Some of the other answers were:

  • More things parents can join in on at the school
  • start school later!
  • more bins around the school
  • bird feeders at school
  • organise more activities on the playground
  • have some animals to care for at the school
  • a petting zoo!
  • have a hockey pitch.

We have discussed focussing our attention on a litter pick and buying more bins to have around the school.  We will begin work on this in the New Year.”

What hobbies and interests do you have?read by Tyler:

“The most popular hobbies you gave were football, swimming, dancing, basketball and running.  Some of you like riding your bikes, playing with Lego, going to cubs, knitting and of course playing with friends.

In contrast, your parents most popular clubs and hobbies when they were at school were netball, hockey and then football.  Choir and drama were also high on the list.  There were a few more interesting hobbies given by your parents/carers – stamp collecting, Scottish dancing and belonging to a steel band!”

Have you used the peace garden?read by Estelle:

“75 of you have used the peace garden and 7 of you haven’t got round to using it yet!  For those that haven’t used it yet, it is open on Monday/Wednesday and Friday at lunchtimes.

Please go and use it as much as you want.  It is a time for reflection, peaceful thinking, remember a time or a loved one.”

Have you got a brilliant idea of somewhere to go for our next school outing in the summer?Read by Hannah:

“In total we have had over 48 different ideas for our summer day outing next year. Some of the suggestions were a day trip to Turkey – ummmmm – no!

Another idea was to visit Liverpool Football Club – I don’t think so!

Going to a zoo was a popular answer and the School Parliament Members now will be investigating a zoo to visit and proposing this for our next summer outing.”

Would you like to take part in a debating society?Read by Keira:

“44 of you would like to take part in a debating society, which is a great response.  32 of you don’t want to get involved, which is perfectly fine, however, debating helps us in so many ways, such as, it helps you to become good speakers, have good listening skills, learn how to research the topics you are debating over, as well as quick thinking..   So hopefully we can change your minds in the future.

We have decided to look into debating in the Spring term and perhaps start a lunchtime club.”

What would you like to see the School Parliament become involved with? Read by Estelle:

“We had 42 suggestions, some of them being cooking classes, welcoming new visitors or pupils, community work, anti-bullying, emotional support for peers, fundraising for school equipment, having a pupil voice in the school and visiting the Town Council.

We’ve already visited the Town Council and had a great time asking the Mayor lots of questions.

One of the suggestions that the School Parliament Members have decided to focus on in the New Year is the safety of school drop off in the mornings.  It is very busy on the road at the bottom of school in the morning and School Parliament are going to think of ways to encourage all parents/carers to be careful and thoughtful whether in the car or on foot.”

What local charity would you like to support next?Read by William:

“There were 40 charities mentioned that your parents would like to support.

The 1st charity that we will donate some money to will be Khula.  Do you remember the bags of clothes that you brought in to school before the October half term?  We managed to collect 50kg of clothes, which fundraised £87.50. Khula is a charity that helps children in South Africa.  The name Khula means “to grow”.  It is a charity that began in 2007 helping schools that need everything from pens and pencils to toilets.

Their main aim is to improve life for the children in the rural area.  These children travel big distances to get to school, have lots of chores to do at home as well as their school work.

The children show lots of drive and ambition and this money will make a difference.”

Which charity would you like to support?Read by Tyler:

The most popular charity suggestions were Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary, Air Ambulance and St Peter’s Church.  The School Parliament have decided to nominate Air Ambulance for their 1st fundraising charity.

Then in the Spring Term, they will fundraise for Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary in Raunds and hopefully we can go and visit them with the money that we raise to see how the money will be spent.

We now have to get busy in the New Year deciding how we are going to raise monies for these charities.”

Closing Speechread by Jamie:

“Thank you everyone for your responses to the questionnaire sheets and your parents too.  We were really impressed about how many of you did the questionnaire.   We have been through all the questionnaires and will try to use as many of them as possible.”

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