School Parliament 2018/19:

The School Parliament have completed their elections and the following have been voted to represent the School Parliament this year. They have already had two meetings and designed their notice board. They have many exciting ideas on what they would like to achieve this year, including organising a shoe box appeal, listening to the pupils voice by creating ideas boxes outside all of the
classrooms. They are going to deliver an assembly at the end of November with all their exciting plans.

The following are the School Parliament members for 2018/19 and meet every Tuesday after school.

Head of Parliament  – Patrick Belsey
Head of Parliament  – Lila McCormick
Head of Education  – Bryony Cook
Head of Fundraising  – Zara Lowther/Isla Marsh
Head of Research and Design  – Maybelle Elliott


Khula Letter

Overseas Fundraising:

Back in October, the School Parliament arranged for pupils to bring in old clothes and materials.  These items were sent to Phil the Bag and £87.50 was raised.  The School Parliament chose Khula Education as the charity to support.  Click on the image left to see their thank you letter and their link to what the money has gone towards.




Town Council Assembly:

On Thursday, 26th April 2018, the Parliament members represented the School at the Mayor’s Town Council Civic Ceremony on how important pupil leadership is at our school and the difference they make everyday.







The School Parliament organised and presented an Assembly to the school about the effects of litter on our environment.

They have also written to some companies asking for donations of recycling bins.  Amey and Kier have very kindly donated bins, recycling bins, bin bags and lots of litter pickers.

The School Parliament are going to paint these bins in a colourful way and place them around the school. 

Litter picking will also take place on a rota basis once per week around the school.


Playground Balls:

Following the Christmas Fayre and recent Cake Sale, the School Parliament have decided to buy more playground balls for all the pupils to play with at break and lunchtimes.

Future Fundraising:

The School Parliament have chosen to fundraise for Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary and The Air Ambulance Service next, so they have got their thinking caps on as to how they will raise money for these worthwhile charities.


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