The takeover day was amazing, we got to feel what it was really like being a teacher.  I was Mrs Folkard and it was quite tricky and I did not even have to do all the jobs she has to do!

Being in School Parliament has developed my confidence and made me more comfortable speaking in front of other people.

It was a very interesting experience and I really think that more people should put themselves forward for it.

One of my favourite experiences was when we visited the Council Offices in Raunds and met the Mayor (Nick Beck).  We had juice and biscuits and also tried on the special chain.

My role as the Speaker of Parliament was very hard at times because we had to get them to focus and concentrate a little bit more than they sometimes wanted to, but other than that I really loved it all.



This year in School Parliament, I’ve enjoyed going down to the Council Offices to talk to the Mayor of Raunds and he gave us some very good advice.  His biscuits were very nice too!

I have also enjoyed being a teacher for a day.  I hope Mrs Baker loved writing 32 lines on what she did wrong – tugging on Miss Larkin’s hair!!

I would suggest going out and getting more involved in the local area and also try and learn more about how to debate.



School Parliament visited the Mayor this year, which was a great experience for us as we learnt what life could be like down in London at the Houses of Parliament.  Mayor Nick even gave us a tour of the Council building and we had biscuits!    We had loads of fun and discovered things we didn’t know before. 

In School Parliament a few of the members were not very confident but being a student leader empowered them and their confidence grew over the year, so if you don’t think you are confident, don’t worry because everyone is equal.

Joining School Parliament isn’t just about the fun visits and projects it’s also about debating, for example we debated various topics including “Do footballers get paid too much money”?

This year we had a big project on litter and helping the environment.  It was a big success, we painted recycling bins which were donated to the school and this has helped more pupils to put their rubbish in one of the brightly coloured bins.

On the takeover day, we had lots of fun including a very soothing water fight in the afternoon! 

Parliament is a great place to be!



My favourite parts to being in the School Parliament was going to the Mayor’s Office and learning about what he does, the takeover day and how the teachers were very naughty especially Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Baker!!!!



This year I’ve enjoyed taking over the school for a day because it gave us a chance to understand what being a teacher is like.  It also was quite hard because not many children would listen and it got annoying. 

I liked presenting assemblies because it built up my confidence and made me much louder when presenting.

Another thing I’ve enjoyed is learning about litter because it was interesting to see how dropping a packet of crisps could affect the wildlife.  It also inspired me to tell others not to drop litter and to put it in a bin instead.



I liked being a teacher for the day on 10 July.  I also liked going to Twycross Zoo.



I enjoyed the takeover day and the litter project.  I loved painting the bins and talking in assemblies.

I also liked the scented balls that we bought and pumping them up.  My favourite part was when we did the meetings and held a few debates about what we thought was right (in our opinion)!

This year was amazing and I have really gained confidence when speaking in front of people.

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