Added Friday 7th June 2019

  • Maths – page 61 – bar charts
  • Grammar – page 78 – words ending in the prefixes ‘ous’ and ‘ation’
  • Times table Rockstars – 20 minutes in the garage on
  • Spellzone – Adverbials of frequency
        • Regularly
        • Occasionally 
        • Frequently 
        • Usually 
        • Rarely 
        • Perhaps 
        • Maybe 
        • Certainly 
        • Possibly 
        • Probably

Children have their login details for ‘Times Table Rock Stars’ and ‘Spellzone’ in their planner.

If children need help with any homework, homework club is on Monday to Thursday from 8:30am, children can use the computers during this time to access ‘Times Table Rock Stars’ and ‘Spellzone’.

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