Class Blog – 1st February 2019

The frantic start to 2019 is well underway. Year 6 have come back to school with a fantastic attitude and they are busy working through a range of areas in Maths and developing their reading skills in English. In History, we are studying about The Anglo Saxons; in Art we are learning about the famous artist Henri Rousseau and in Science they are looking at different materials and their properties. The reading challenges across the school have enthused the children and I am proud of the class with their efforts. Keep up the hard work and the positive attitudes will help us achieve our full potential.

Mr Innes.


All children are expected to read regularly every week to an adult; each time they read, they will receive raffle tickets. When they have read 5 times, they will receive raffle tickets and a merit, which will count towards their house. Other prizes for reading will be given in class throughout the year.

Home/School Planner:

Could you please ensure that your child brings their home/school planner in to school every day. Please feel free to write any comments in it.

Every Friday your child will bring their planner home which will have been signed by their teacher. This should be countersigned by the parent/carer and returned to school again on Monday morning.

Class Expectations:

  • Respect others and property.
  • Be positive.
  • Put your hand up to get attention.
  • Keep things tidy.
  • Do our best.

We will follow these to make our class and school enjoyable and safe places to be.

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