Class Blog3rd September 2018

Welcome back! 

This term St Cecilia will be learning how to write a story about friendship and betrayal based around an exciting text called Fox.  In maths, we will be developing knowledge and skills in relation to place value.

Our humanities topic is Ancient Egypt and we will be learning about what life was like in Ancient Egypt.  In art, we will be constructing death masks using a variety of design and technology skills and we will also explore Ancient Egyptian artwork and recreating it.

Year 5 will go swimming later in the term as well as learning other skills including cognitive skills.  In ICT the children will learn how to become game developers and in French they will learn terminology for birthdays, days of the week and numbers.

Islam is the topic for RE this term and children will focus on the beliefs and practices of Islam.  The term’s Science topic is ‘Classifying Critters’ and we will explore kingdoms of animals including fungi and microbes.

Here is to a busy and successful term in St. Cecilia!

Mrs S Robinson


All children are expected to read regularly every week to an adult; each time they read, they will receive raffle tickets.  When they have read 5 times, they will receive raffle tickets and a merit, which will count towards their house.  Other prizes for reading will be given in class throughout the year.

Home/School Planner

Could you please ensure that your child brings their home/school planner in to school every day. Please feel free to write any comments in it.

Every Friday your child will bring their planner home which will have been signed by their teacher. This should be countersigned by the parent/carer and returned to school again on Monday morning.


In Our Class we Believe That:

  • Everyone has the right to feel safe
  • Everyone has the right to learn
  • Everyone has the right to show respect and be respected
  • We have the responsibility to care for ourselves and others
  • We must treat others and their belongings with respect
  • We must display excellent manners and be considerate to each other
  • We must support each other and learn together
  • We must use an appropriate noise level during learning
  • We must use positive language with others
  • We should discuss our opinions and listen respectfully to those of others
  • We must walk in the classroom and around the school safely and quietly
  • We must give others their ‘own space’


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