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Who Are School Governors?
School governors are there to ensure that schools are well run. They are volunteers who help decide on the direction, focus and ethos of schools. Each school has between 10 and 20 governors depending on the size of the school these together form the ‘governing body’.

Governors represent people from many walks of life: school staff, parents, the local community and members of St Peter’s Church.  As we are a voluntary controlled school these governors are known as “Foundation Governors” because the church helped to set up the school. This means that school decisions are made by people with a wide range of experience and views.

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What School Governors Do?
School governors lead schools, they do not manage them or get involved in the day to day running of the school. They are there to give a long-term strategic direction to how the school is run; to be critical friends to the school; and to ensure the school is accountable for its actions.

Governors discuss and have input on issues such as:

Who Can Become a School Governor?
Anyone can apply to become a governor, so long as they are:   

Contacting the Governors
You can contact the Chair of Governors Mrs P Worden using the contact form below.

Please address written correspondence to:

The Chair of Governors, St Peter’s Church of England Academy, Mountbatten Way, Raunds, Northamptonshire, NN9 6PA

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