In 1704 Thomas Teale the parish clerk was appointed to teach twelve children in the chantry of St Peter’s Church, Raunds. The funding for running the class was provided for by a legacy of £100 left in the will of Catherine Pepys. Classes continued to be held in St Peter’s chantry for 155 years, although the school was not referred to as St Peter’s back then. After being reorganized in 1823 under the national system, it was simply known as the ‘National School’.

The school moved into a purpose built building in 1859 which was sited on the corner of Manor Street and High Street. The cost of this new school was approximately £1400.

With the opening of Council schools in Raunds around 1914, the school then became known as the ‘Church of England School’. It was not until the year 1981 that the school adopted the name of ‘St Peter’s C of E Junior School’.

After 133 years of service the school had gradually been outgrown. The huge increase in motorised traffic (which wasn’t around when it was built) and the location on a busy junction meant that it also became quite dangerous for children entering and leaving the school. The school closed 13th February 1992.

Raunds Church of England School Manor Road Image

Raunds C of E School at Manor Street c. 1980 – Closed in 1992 (Photo courtesy of Raunds Stanwick & Ringstead History FB Group)

The present school building in Mountbatten Way has been in use since February 1992 and was officially opened by the Bishop of Peterborough on Tuesday 9 June 1992. The Headteacher, Mr David Rockley relocated staff and pupils from the old school and served as Head until his retirement in December 2001.

In November 2013 the school converted to an academy under the sponsorship of Nene Education Trust and is now known as St Peter’s Church of England Academy.

Title Name/Initial Surname Year Started Year Finished
Mr John Britten 1767 1807
Mrs Susanah Groom 1825 1860
Mr T Blott 1829 1849
Mr T C Shelton 1849 1854
Mr R J Bell 1854 1856
Mr J Fox 1856 1859
Mr R H Taylor 1859 1863
Mr Joseph Rigby 1863 1865
Mr James Howell 1865 1867
Mr Chas Snell 1867 1870
Miss C Cannon 1870 1872
Mrs   Shelmerdine 1872 1874
Mr Jesse Shelmerdine 1874 1893
Miss AG Shelmerdine 1893 1903
Miss   Judd 1903 1905
Miss K G Shelmerdine 1905 1911
Miss K Atkins 1911 1914
Mr Frederick Potter 1914 1915
Miss W F Gooding 1915 1917
Mr A D Rawlings 1917 1917
Miss F V W Darby 1917 1918
Miss LM Hull 1918  1935
Miss F E Hall 1935 1958
Mr B Ellison 1958 1980
Mr David Rockley 1981 2001
Mrs Leah Stirrat 2002 2012
Mrs Linda Brooks 2012 2017
Mrs Sarah Folkard 2017 2018
Mrs Lisa Jeffery 2018 2019
Mrs Julie Casswell 2019 Present
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