New Primary Curriculum

The Government released a New National Curriculum which was implemented in September 2014. The national curriculum provides pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to be educated citizens. It introduces pupils to the best that has been thought and said; and helps engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.

At St Peter’s we believe that pupils should enjoy learning and we therefore prioritise the planning of a creative and stimulating curriculum for all our pupils. Motivated learners make better progress and so learning is supported and enhanced at our school by pupils taking part in a range of school visits, and we often have visitors into school to share their experiences and knowledge with the pupils.

Our teaching strategies are flexible and the children are taught as either a whole class, in broad ability groups, in small groups or individually. This approach enables us to match the work to the ability, attainment, interest and experience of each child. Children learn most effectively through first hand experiences. Their interest is stimulated by visits whenever possible to farms, museums, theatres and special displays etc and further enhanced by visitors to school and residential opportunities for our older children. We believe in active learning where pupils are involved in practical activities as much as possible.

The Creative Curriculum

Our curriculum is based around ‘The Big Question’, for example “Where would you rather live? and “What will life be like for our children in WW2?”. Pupils are encouraged to ask questions and to think of ways to answer smaller questions that in turn build up to answer The Big Question. This approach enables pupils to ask questions, research ideas and to problem solve; it is designed to encourage and develop independent learning. There are opportunities through our ‘Big Question’ topics for pupils to develop a range of skills in science, history, geography, art and design, design technology, religious education, ICT, PSHCE, music and PE, as well as in English and mathematics.

  Curriculum Map (227.4 KiB)

Assessment Methods

St Peter’s C E Academy uses Focus Assessment to support the assessment of our pupils. This document details the age related expectation in reading, writing and mathematics.

  Focus Assessment Beyond Levels (493.9 KiB)

Additional downloads

  The new national curriculum - guide for parents (788.1 KiB)

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